The new Lucky NFTs.

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1. 50% of the revenues donated to dog rescue organizations worldwide (infos below)

2. Three random Lucky Puppies NFT holders will be gifted $5k, $3k and $2k in Ethereum

3. What’s left is spent in promoting the project and the community

CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x8d9b84d35469d5FAd7080F676f374C9F3304e09E

FAQs about the project

When will the donation be made? And How?

For trust purposes, a donation will be made for every 100 NFTs sold, with proof of the transaction posted on this page each time. Once the collection is sold out, the total donated amount will be approximately $25,000, with $6,250 allocated to each organization. At the time of the donation, the ETH earned from the sales will be converted into the local currency of the organization.

What organizations are receiving the donation?

The selected organizations are the following:

The donation will be split in equal parts.

How will you choose who is receiving the gifts?

The selection will be conducted via a live stream. A random selection program will choose three wallet addresses from a pool containing every wallet address that minted the NFTs.

First address selected is gifted $5k in ETH

Second address selected is gifted $3k in ETH

Third address selected is gifted $2k in ETH

Since each NFT purchase will create a record for the address of the buyer, if you purchase multiple NFTs, your address will appear multiple times in the pool. At the time of selection, the pool will contain 1000 wallet addresses, one for each NFT.

When will the selection of who is to receive the gift take place?

After all the NFTs are sold out, a date and time for the random selection will be posted on this page, along with a link to the live streaming event.